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Maintenance Detail

Starting At $139.99

5 Hour est.

Description of Detail

The Maintenance detail is a standard full detail that is optimized for reoccurring clients.

This is typically what you will see on a maintenance detail.

Interior Package:

-Vacuum Carpets and Floor Mats

-Clean and Vacuum Trunk

-Clean Cracks and Crevices

-Wipe Down All Interior Doors

-Clean and Treat All Plastics

-UV Protect All plastics

-Clean Leather/Cloth

-Clean and Treat Floor Mats

-Remove Trash

-Streak Free Glass Inside and Out

Exterior Package:


-Hand Wash with Snow Foam

-Hand Dry

-Clean Rims/Tires

-Clean Wheel Wells

-Dress Wheels

-Remove Bugs from Front End, Side Mirrors, and Mirrors

-Clean Door Jambs

-Streak Free Windows Inside & Out

-Apply spray wax coating to protect paint

(The maintenance detail is only for clients that have worked with us before)

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