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Standard Full Detail

Starting At $149.99

5 Hours est.

Description of Detail

The prices may vary depending on the size and condition of your vehicle. The total you see on the website is just the starting price.

This package combines the Interior & Exterior Package at a discounted price.

Interior Package:

-Vacuum Carpets and Floor Mats

-Clean and Vacuum Trunk

-Clean Cracks and Crevices

-Wipe Down All Interior Doors

-Clean and Treat All Plastics

-UV Protect All plastics

-Clean Leather/Cloth

-Clean and Treat Floor Mats

-Remove Trash

-Streak Free Glass Inside and Out

Exterior Package:


-Hand Wash with Snow Foam

-Hand Dry

-Clean Rims/Tires

-Clean Wheel Wells

-Dress Wheels

-Remove Bugs from Front End, Side Mirrors, and Mirrors

-Clean Door Jambs

-Streak Free Windows Inside & Out

-Apply spray wax coating to protect paint

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